Development Services

With over 25 years of experience across construction and property development, the KB Group’s team are able to offer land owners a unique insight into the development potential of land holdings.
Our Development Services include:

  • Site Assessment
  • Opportunity Analysis
  • Market Analysis
  • Concept & Master Planning
  • Feasibility & Financing Options
  • Permit Co-ordination
  • Sales Co-ordination

Whether you are interested in selling your land to a developer, securing a development permit or participating in a joint-venture development project, KB Group can help you realise the maximum value from the land you are holding.

Site Assessment

Every individual site must be assessed within its site perspective. This requires a vigilant inspection of the planning scheme controls, its interface with neighbouring properties, proximity to transportation links and other essential amenities. In conclusion of the site assessment, a set of built form parameters are established.

Opportunity Analysis

Depending on the zoning of the site, an assessment of best use is undertaken which assesses alternative development options against current and projected future demand. As part of these opportunity evaluations, we research current realisation rates for the range of permitted uses e.g. commercial leasing and sales rates. We also research current competitive offerings and review future planning proposals that may affect the supply and demand of different uses.

Market Analysis

Before commencing project design we test the opportunities and market assumptions with some of the key outcome influencers. This typically involves meeting with the Responsible Authority, local property agents, neighbours and other members of the community. KB Group is experienced in delicately managing these processes.

Concept & Master Planning

Once the clear opportunity has been conceptualised, the project team is assembled starting with the appointment of the architect. KB Group will suggest the most appropriate architect and engineering team for the project based on their project experience and capabilities. We will negotiate the commercial terms and scope of works for each of the project team members.

Feasibility & Financing Options

Prior to commencement of the development project, at KB group we first prepare the feasibility study. We study and understand the finance plan and what the banks look for when lending for a particular development projects.KB group has the established track record with lenders and banks in the preparation of the Feasibility and Financing Options in terms of the security of the project.

Permit Co-ordination

The important part of the development process is obtaining of permits. Success is often predicated on obtaining upfront permits. KB Group work with the very best town planning experts and have a wide range of connections within local and provincial government to ensure the application is viewed in the best possible clarity.

Sales Coordination

KB Group have existing relationships with a wide range of sales channels through which the development project can be sold including city-based commercial sales agents, local project marketing groups, accounting and financial planning networks as well as overseas selling groups. KB Group has developed a modern sales and lead management system which assists in the coordination of sales and marketing campaigns.