Corporate Responsibility

KB Group is committed to develop projects which make positive,social, environmental and economic assistance, in conglomeration with the local communities and  authorities. We are dedicated to our people, through our support towards their professional development, training, health and safety. We look to integrate the best practice features into our developments’ sustainability including green roofs, solar power, rainwater harvesting and ground sourced energy systems.


Our team at KB Group strongly believe that sustainability can only be achieved when careful contemplation is given to the three major fundamentals that cover economic, environmental and social factors. We endeavour to meet the human needs of the present though preserving the environment for future generations so that their needs can continue to be met indefinitely.
Sustainability begins with a cautious assessment of all the potential short and long-term solutions that could contribute to a sustainable future. For us those considerations include assessing current ground conditions and with our focus on regeneration areas, we are often faced with the requirement to clean-up historical polluting activities. We work with world cleaning environmental scientists to manage the process by considering design initiatives and an assessment of the integration of alternative energy sources. These may include solar, wind and geo-thermal energy, waste management and recycling both during and after construction.


KB Group develops and delivers high quality commercial and mixed-use developments that bring long-term sustainability, minimising environmental, economic and social impacts. We pride ourselves in taking a responsible and considerate approach to the environment in all of our projects.
We focus on reinstatement of areas within Ontario’s inner city suburbs, with a deep understanding of how to deal with environmental challenges and seek to add value to our development projects with the integration of a range of bio-diversity. The other initiatives that we plan include, constructing energy piles which will form an integral part of the heating and cooling system for the project as well as harnessing the energy generated from exercise gym to help offset the electricity useage of our buildings.